Building a character: Omonac the half-elf warlock

In the D&D Adventurers League, I’ve been playing a dwarven cleric at my local game store. I have Bedek Hammerflame, a war cleric serving Moradin, as sort of an angry smiter of evil, bashing those into the ground with a war hammer when he must and purifying them with his god’s Sacred Flame when he can. He’s fun in that peculiarly dwarven fashion. I mean, he doesn’t love yelling in a terrible Scottish accent, pointing a hammer at someone, and setting them on fire?

What if I find another campaign to join, though? while the AL rules let me bring Bedek, it just doesn’t feel right to me from an in-character roleplay perspective. That would also give me the chance to play around with other classes and races. So the rest of this article just demonstrates my process and ends up with a character I’ll hopefully get to play in Expeditions or something.

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