Musing on my gaming schedule

Some time has passed since I sat down to take stock of my current calendar of games. I thought I might as well write it down here, for ease of finding it later if nothing else… Current Life As a professional adult, I travel for work fairly frequently, though not overwhelmingly so — about one […]

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I only know one way to love things.

I only know one way to love things: throw myself into completely, maybe even obsessively. That has an obvious dark side to it: at some point, I often tire of the thing and cast it aside, at least temporarily, once I’ve finished devouring it intellectually. I crave that sense of newness, of exploration. (Earlier in life, I feared […]

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I’m not entirely sure playing an RPG in a convention-like environment or at a gaming store is as good as we might hold it up to be sometimes.

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