Campaign planning: Autumn 2017

Right now feels like a good time to look back at my gaming for the last few months and then ahead to what comes next. Weyward Scions (homebrew) My alternating Sundays campaign with friends has almost wrapped up. The DM and one of the other players are law students, and thus they don’t have nearly […]

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Forge of Fury: Random Encounter Tables

In Tales from the Yawning Portal, we have a collection of some of the best (well, most popular) dungeons from D&D’s history, updated for Fifth Edition. Adventurers who delve into these dark holes in the ground can uncover lost secrets and discover untold wealth… or die trying. But players themselves can be a bit risk averse […]

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DDAL06-01: A Thousand Tiny Deaths (Review)

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League Season 6 (Tales from the Yawning Portal) mostly consists of the hardcover by that name plus three DDAL adventures. All of these serve as lead-ins to one of the dungeons in the book (Forge of Fury, White Plume Mountain, and Against the Giants). In effect, they provide expanded hooks. DDAL06-01 A Thousand Tiny […]

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Running the Sunless Citadel

My group has now wrapped up the Sunless Citadel. I may run it again for a future group; actually, that would be fantastic as this is really a lovely adventure. Here are some notes for my use. Maybe you can find some use for some of them as inspiration for your own campaign! I also […]

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