I’m not entirely sure playing an RPG in a convention-like environment or at a gaming store is as good as we might hold it up to be sometimes. Advertisements

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Discovery versus design

The most interesting things their characters do should happen primarily in the world. By the same light, the most interesting things that happen in the world should happen with the characters.

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Rolls for role-playing

I don’t like the way D&D Fifth Edition and lots of other “modern” games handle skills. As a player, I don’t like spending time deciding which skill should cover a particular task. More than that, however, I intensely dislike using Charisma rolls to cover role-playing. In 5e, for example, Charisma skills include Deception, Intimidation, Performance, and Persuasion. […]

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Race as a trope in role-playing games

I have real difficulty putting down any sort of hard boundaries around role-playing games. Like other things, I know it when I see it. But “race” as a trope seems as core to most RPGs as “classes” and some sort of individual characteristic statistics. The vast majority of fantasy uses this trope as a crutch – and […]

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