Microlite20 and solo play: winging it

On quiet nights here at home, my daughter (just shy of 11 years old) occasionally asks if we can play D&D together. Tonight, I told her that we’d try something a little different. Rather than try to slog through a nerfed version of the Lost Mine of Phandelver, we’d do things the way I did when […]

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Review: Scenes of Chance

I just received my shipment of Scenes of Chance from Twizz Entertainment via Kickstarter. Just got my Scenes of Chance from the @Nykeloc Kickstarter. Great work. pic.twitter.com/JASkVc0HJT — Technoskald (@technoskald) October 31, 2014 This system-neutral supplement basically consists of a deck of cards, where each card is about twice the size of a traditional playing […]

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Dungeon Master’s Guide Table of Contents Preview

Wizards of the Coast released the Table of Contents for the Dungeon Master’s Guide as part of their participation in the Extra Life fundraiser this weekend. I’ve been anticipating this preview for some time, probably like most everyone else playing D&D 5e. Looking at the contents Even from just this table of contents, we can […]

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Gamers who don’t enjoy combat

A recent question on /r/rpg caught my eye and I thought I’d write a bit more on my thoughts about it. Here’s the core: I love the game but everyone (including myself) seems disappointed when combat happens. I try to narrate it a bunch and make it exciting with surprises and stuff but it still […]

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You can tell that…

Compare: You can tell that the goblin is lying. versus The goblin glances from side to side, looking for any excuse to cover his lies. You can tell that the temple has not been visited in some time. versus  A thick layer of dust indicates that the ancient temple has not seen any visitors for years. You can […]

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