Episodic Campaigns

Episodic campaigns are important because people have lives. At some point, it becomes difficult to meet as regularly and consistently as we would like: jobs, kids, other responsibilities take priority. So maybe we need to go back to the way we used to play when we were younger, in sort of an episodic fashion. By […]

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Tomb of Annihilation: Thoughts on structure

I have a group starting┬áTomb of Annihilation in the next week or two as we wrap up a run through DDAL07-01 “A City on the Edge”. (That’s why I hedge on the date – it all depends on how long we take to finish the last of the missions.) The actual hardcover has a pretty […]

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Sandbox concept for Adventurers League

Adventurers League has a lot going for it, but it can easily┬álead to railroading. As DMs, we pick some adventures to run, probably within a given storyline like Rage of Demons or Tyranny of Dragons. Then we tell players which adventure we’ll play that session and they get to experience it. This doesn’t have to […]

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Discovery versus design

The most interesting things their characters do should happen primarily in the world. By the same light, the most interesting things that happen in the world should happen with the characters.

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