Into the Temple of Zuveng

I’m traveling this week and will likely have lots of solo RPG time. With this particular adventure, Getek’s saga takes another twist as he delves into a dungeon. Tags: Holy Site (Shou cult from Tea Riots in Xian Part 1) Size: Heretic hideout, 8 locations Inhabitants: Shou + Tide Cult (mix to taste) Thing: Black relic […]

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I only know one way to love things.

I only know one way to love things: throw myself into completely, maybe even obsessively. That has an obvious dark side to it: at some point, I often tire of the thing and cast it aside, at least temporarily, once I’ve finished devouring it intellectually. I crave that sense of newness, of exploration. (Earlier in life, I feared […]

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Tea Riots in Xian, Part 1

Getek returns for another urban adventure! This time, civil disturbances provide a backdrop for the fact that he has had an evidently complicated love life. Even if he saves everyone, complications will almost certainly result… Also, I’m still experimenting with the format of these posts and future ones will probably continue to vary considerably. Urban […]

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I’m not entirely sure playing an RPG in a convention-like environment or at a gaming store is as good as we might hold it up to be sometimes. Advertisements

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Rescuing a Moneylender

I picked up Scarlet Heroes again after far too long. While Madcat’s urban adventure report puts mine to shame, I thought I’d still post this. And I learned from theirs for the next one! Character Overview Getek of Still Water is an Elf Magic-User. His traits include Elven Senses, Market Mage (x2), and Strikingly Attractive. […]

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Scarlet Caverns

Because I wanted to keep trying solo dungeon runs separately from some urban adventure, I rolled up a character specifically for delving and finding gold. In the Red Tide setting, the stereotypical dwarven lust for gold is explained by their “religion” or at least their metaphysical views about using it in the afterlife to attack a goddess […]

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Scarlet Dungeon

Most of the time when playing Scarlet Heroes, I run an urban adventure. This time, I wanted to see how the solo dungeon adventures work. So I took my magic user Ye Xue into a temple to see what he can find, looking for some magical knowledge or something. Type: Temple (Heretic Hideout) Size: 1d20=14 locations […]

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Urban Adventure in the Red Tide setting

Now that I’ve created a Scarlet Hero, I ran through an urban adventure. Unlike previous efforts, I decided to rely on the oracle tables as much as possible and try to fashion a narrative from the procedural generation. For the most part, this worked well despite a few complications. I set the adventure in the […]

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Creating a Scarlet Hero

I started a new solo play “campaign” using Scarlet Heroes, this time sticking in the Red Tide campaign setting instead of using the adventure to build out a new city. This urban campaign will chronicle the rise to power of a Machiavellian wizard, the Imperial Ye Xue. I’ve already run his first adventure and will post it […]

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Exploring the Ruins of the Undercity

Great success playing with my kids tonight! They’d lost most of their old character sheets, but no problem – we rolled up new ones pretty quickly. My favorite part of old-school gaming is how little time character generation takes. I let them roll 3d6 6 times and assign each as they wished, mostly using Swords […]

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